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Termite Treatments, Termite Baiting Systems, Wood Destroying Insect Reports

The first step to treating termites is making a proper identification. When they swarm in the spring, they are often confused with ants. The diagram at the right highlights the differences. Another tell-tale sign of termites are mud tunnels going up the side of the foundation, either inside or out. If you see either of these signs, call us to make a positive identification and recommend your best option for treatment. 

All-Ridd offers full termite services including chemical treatments with Termidor, the Sentricon Termite Colony Elimination System with Always Active Technology, and real estate inspections with Wood Destroying Insect Reports. Our technicians are specially certified to install Sentricon and perform chemical applications with Termidor. Your pest professional can advise you on which treatment type is most suitable for your situation. We provide electronic paperwork on the day of service for Wood Destroying Insect Reports.

Termite Baiting with the Sentricon Always Active Termite Colony Elimination System®

The Sentricon Termite Colony Elimination System with Always Active technology is a termite baiting system with stations installed about every 10 feet around the structure. The bait is “always active” so it only needs to be checked once per year, unlike other systems that require quarterly maintenance. This is the same system currently in place to protect the White House, The US Capitol, parts of the Smithsonian, the Washington Monument, and even the Statue of Liberty. The system comes with a one-year warranty which can be renewed each year along with an annual termite inspection. 

The product is very eco-friendly in that it does not contain any poisons that will pollute the ground around your structure. Instead, it works by disrupting the molting phase of termites which prohibits them from reproducing, which killS the colony.

LiquidTreatments Featuring Termidor®

We use Termidor® for all chemical treatments. In most cases, warranties for Termidor® treatments are renewable for up to ten years and are transferable to buyers of the treated property.

Termidor® termiticide/insecticide is 100% effective at controlling 100% of termites in three months or less - a statement no other termite control product can make. Termidor® provides control both by ingestion and contact while being undetectable to termites. Our technicians are Termidor Certified® to make sure your application is done right.

Real Estate Inspections and Wood Destroying Insect Reports

Our experienced termite inspectors will check your property thoroughly for visible signs of termites for your real estate transactions. Your official Wood Destroying Inspection Report will be sent to you electronically on the same day the inspection was performed. If you need treatment, just ask and we will be happy to provide you with a competitive bid.