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Mice, Rats, Voles and Chipmunks

Whether it's a mouse in the house or voles in the yard, All-Ridd provides professional rodent control services to get rid of the problem. The first line of defense is outside. We recommend commercial grade, anchored and secured rodent stations as a preventative measure to avoid problems before they start. We use a multiple bite, non-poisonous bait enclosed in tamper-resistant stations to minimize exposure to non-target animals. Traps and other options are available as needed. 

Voles live in burrows in the yard and feed on the roots of plants and grass. They create small runways between plants above ground. Treatment for voles includes flagging, monitoring and baiting the holes over several weeks. 

Chipmunks eat bulbs, fruit and young plants. They burrow into the ground and can cause structural damage to your sidewalks, driveways, patios and even your foundation.