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General Pest Control 

Our pest control services include treatment inside and out for common pests such as spiders, silverfish, ants, roaches, millipedes, crickets, centipedes, mice, rats and other general pests. We also offer specific treatments for fleas, brown recluse spiders and bed bugs. We always call to make an appointment so you know exactly when we are coming. All technicians are fully licensed in both Kansas and Missouri. Your service will be performed by experienced, full-time employees and the same technician will handle your service every time. 

Service can be contracted on a one-time, biannual, quarterly, bimonthly or monthly basis. Our one-time and biannual services are warranted for 60 days, and the quarterly and monthly programs include free callbacks. We also offer convenient monthly billing with the purchase of bundled services found in the Specials area of this website. 

We offer minimum-risk botanical treatments or traditional treatments both inside and outside. Express Outside-only services and Deluxe Inside/Outside services are both available. Specialty treatments are available for fleas, ground hornets, carpenter ants, carpenter bees, accessible wasps, carpet beetles, pantry pests, brown recluse/black widow spiders, bed bugs and roach cleanouts. Service can be contracted on a one-time, quarterly, bi-monthly or monthly basis.

Lawn service for fleas, ticks, beetles, chiggers, mites and other surface dwelling insects is also available. We recommend treatment everysix weeks during the spring, summer and fall. We use a professional strength granule that can only be applied by licensed applicators so you receive the most effective treatment. 

Mosquito spraying is available April - October during the warmer months. We use a blower/mister to treat foliage and shady areas where mosquitos rest during the day. Treatment includes a contact kill product with a residual and an insect growth regulator to prevent them from reproducing.